GeeWizz proudly presents the Ed Sheeran: Made in Suffolk Legacy Auction

Coming soon on 22nd October - 8th November 2020 

Gina Long MBE, the Founder of GeeWizz Charity, is working closely with Ed Sheeran’s parents, John and Imogen, on our Ed Sheeran: Made in Suffolk Legacy Auction.

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The Ed Sheeran: Made in Suffolk Exhibition is open until 8th November - Visit their website here.

Organiser of GeeWizz Ed Sheeran: Made in Suffolk Legacy Auction:  Gina Long MBE working closely with John and Imogen Sheeran 

Co-Organiser: Patzi Shepperson OBE:

Auction Enquiries: Olivia Churchill: 

Co-beneficiary: Zest part of St Elizabeth Hospice 

Ru Watkins, Judi Newman, Hannah Bloom 

The supporting team

 Paula Webb Stainton - Olivia Churchill - Crystal Barber - Susan Rush - Liz Baldwin - Claire Jennings  - Fiona Ginn -  Helen Pluck - Max Stocker - Ian Johnson -  Guy Nicholls - Doug Atfield - Brad Jones - Natalie Sadler - Barry Peters - Doug Wright - Emma Elwood - Mia Witham- Lara Cooper - Danielle Young - Graeme Swann - Steve Flory - Philip Dodd - Jane Carter - Mark Whiting - Karen Byrand - Liz Horsman - Mike Spencer - John Dugmore - Terry Butcher - George Burley - Richard Pearce -Jason Turner - Edward Crichton - Mark Holdaway - Louise Hood - Eleanor Pearson - Lucy Gillott - Ellie Piercy - Laura Bloomfield - Ian Turner - David Bushnell - Jade Isaac  - Richard Wilkinson - Harriet Porch -- Scott Braker - James Archer - Katherine Robinson - Sharon Teague - Helen Robson - Andrew Speed - Edward Crichton

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